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The Dungeness Water Watch newsletters are published by the Dungeness Local Leaders Water Management Work Group (LLWG) in conjunction with Ecology.  They focus on the lead efforts by the LLWG for coming up with water management solutions in the basin.

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - August 2012
    In this issue: The news on new water - Securing water for new homes and projects under the proposed Dungeness watershed rule

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - July 2012
    In this issue: Public participation: life in a democracy - Making rules for environmental protection is a group effort.

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - June 2012
    In this issue: How's the water supply in the Dungeness watershed? A look at sunshine, rainshadows, precipitation patterns and water use.

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - May 2012
    In this issue: A closer look at the proposed Dungeness water resource management rule.  How the proposed rule may affect new water users; Elements of the proposed rule - Mitigation, Reserves of water for new uses, Instream Flows, Storage, Regulation review, Closures; Formal comment period; Next steps: proposed timeline for rule adoption.

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - April 2012
    In this issue: The proposed Dungeness water management rule: it makes sense, but does it make cents?  Administrative Procedures Act requires two economic analyses; Benefits must exceed the costs before Ecology can adopt the rule; Ecology must determine that a proposed rule is the least burdensome alternative for those required to comply; Regulatory Fairness Act requires that new state regulations ease disproportionate impacts to small businesses as much as possible.

  •  Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - March 2012
    In this issue:  Fish Out of Water, Part 2: What is an IFIM?; The steps in the IFIM study for the Dungeness River; Comparing recommended instream flows for fish to recorded stream flows; How are IFIM flow studies used in water management rule making?

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - February 2012
    In this issue: Banking on Future Water Supplies: The Dungeness Water Exchange and the Cost of Water; The Dungeness Water Exchange; What water projects are on the top of the Local Leaders’ priority list for the Dungeness?; Reserves of water; Using the Dungeness Water Exchange; The cost of new water use; Who will use the Exchange?; 

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - January 2012
    In this issue: Well, well; Groundwater: Clean and accessible with proper care; How much groundwater is used by the 30,000 residents of eastern Clallam County (including Sequim)?; A declining water table, Population growth = growth in the number of wells; Measuring and meters; City of Sequim Water Reclamation; Future projections for groundwater demand  

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - December 2011
    In this issue: Fish out of water; Part 1: State of salmon, The "H" factors of salmon recovery: Hatcheries, Harvest, and Habitat; How much does a fish need?; A water right for fish, Habitat + Water = Fish.

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - November 2011
    In this issue: Farms, Fields and Flowers: Irrigation in Eastern Clallam County; Wet water and paper water; Competition and conservation; Rights and responsibilities.

  • Dungeness Water Watch Newsletter - October 2011
    In this issue: Local leaders talking water; Farming, Fisheries, Future development: where will water come from for new projects.

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Ecology and irrigators sign agreement in Sequim to benefit the Dungeness watershed  09/06/2012

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