Resources and Studies

Resources and Studies   This webpage provides links to an assortment of resources and studies on instream flows, fish and general water issues.

Instream flows and fish bibliography

Protection of low flow periods critical for fish production - Summary of technical documents compiled by Brad Caldwell, Department of Ecology, that looks at the relationship of stream flow levels and fish population health. The summary references the following documents:

Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) Studies

The following studies were conducted by Ecology with the state Department of Fish & Wildlife


Water availability can no longer be taken for granted in Washington state.  Many factors affect water supply throughout the state’s 62 watersheds (also referred to as Water Resource Inventory Areas, WRIAs).

Setting Instream Flows

Water management

Legislative reports on Setting Instream Flows and Watershed Planning


Archive (2003-2014)

Additional Resources