Dungeness Watershed

This page is being maintained as an archive of past information and will not be updated.

Proposed Dungeness reserves and how long they may support new water uses

The following estimates on how long reserved water could last without being supplemented were calculated using:

Bagley Creek Bell Creek Cassalery Creek Dungeness River and
Matriotti Creek
Gierin Creek McDonald Creek Meadowbrook Creek Seibert Creek
127.36 years 24.27 years 6.08 years 866.06 years 74.70 years 33.29 years 862.50 years 584.67 years

Most of the reserves can be expected to last many years. Cassalery Creek is a concern.  However, providing effective mitigation is not only possible in that subbasin, early mitigation projects have been identified and are already being pursued.

There is no statutory prohibition to expanding the size of the reserves if future conditions warrant this.  However, it would be necessary to clearly demonstrate that allowing the additional impact would be in the overriding public interest and that the state‚Äôs obligation to protect streams and fish are met.  Changing these reserves would require adopting an amended rule, including agency and tribal consultation, and the public process required under the Administrative Procedures Act.