Assignment Form with Instructions:


Assign a water right to a new owner

The process of transferring the ownership of a water right to a new owner (or additional owners) will differ depending on whether the water right is a certificate, permit, claim, or application.  To understand the differences see:

Normally an assignment is made if the current owner sells the place water is used to another person.  If transferring ownership for any other circumstances, such as a death in the family, please contact the appropriate region.

For a certificate or claim:

Ownership is typically transferred with along with the property.  A water right, once established, attaches to the land upon which it is legally used.  Therefore it is not necessary to assign a water right certificate or a water right claim.

For a permit or application:

Water right permits or applications do not attach to the land on which they are used (or for an application, are proposed to be used), so a separate assignment process is necessary.  To transfer ownership of a water right permit or application, you must submit a completed “Assignment of Application or Permit to Appropriate or Store Water ” to the Department of Ecology, along with a $50 fee (check or money order). See text box at right.

An assignment of an application or permit is not valid until filed with the Department of Ecology. An assignment is made whenever it is desired to transfer all or part of the responsibility and/or interest in an application or a permit to appropriate or store water.