Acting as a Certified Water Right Examiner

Once you receive your certification as a water right examiner, you are eligible to perform proof examinations and prepare proof reports of examination under private contract with water right permit and change authorization holders.  Ecology will add your name to the list of certified water right examiners posted on our website (unless you have asked not to be listed or chosen to work only on your employer’s water rights).

Proof Report of Examination and Recommendation Summary

Maintaining Your Certification as a Water Right Examiner

To maintain your certification, you must:

Further discussion of these requirements is found below.

Your continuing education hours and recertification fee is due by the date your certification expires.  Late fees apply for payment within 90 days after your certification has expired.  Once 90 days has passed, if you have not submitted proof of your continuing education hours and paid the necessary fees, your certification cannot be renewed.  If you fail to renew your certification within 90 days of it expires, to regain your certification, you must then reapply and recomplete the initial certification process, including paying all associated fees.

It is also important to adhere to the CWRE Rules of Professional Performance.  Ecology’s goal is to never need to implement a disciplinary action against a certified water right examiner authorized under RCW 90.03.665 and Chapter 173-165 WAC.  The CWRE Rules of Professional Performance were drafted and made a part of the certification process to ensure those certified know what is expected.

CWRE Continuing Education

Each certified water right examiner must complete 8 hours of approved continuing education hours to renew their certification.  Otherwise, your certification will expire and you may no longer perform duties as a certified water right examiner.  You may renew your certification anytime during the following 90 days by submitting proof of having completed the necessary continuing education hours and paying the appropriate fees. Ecology has approved the following training opportunities for certified water right examiners towards completing the required eight hours of continuing education each year.

Date (2017) Title Website Credit Hours
Nov. 8-9 Water Rights Transfers Seminar description 14
On-demand Integrated Water Resource Management Webinar Series AWRA Webinar archive 1 for each of the six parts in the series
On-demand Climate Change Adaptation: Drought Response and Governance AWRA Webinar archive 1

To add a class, seminar, or conference related to water resource management to this list, please submit the agenda or curriculum information for consideration by Ecology’s Certified Water Right Examiner Coordinator to

Recertification Fees

The recertification fee is $100.00 if paid by the date the prior certification expires.  A late fee of $50.00 is added, if the recertification fee is paid within 30 days of the certification expiring, or $100.00 for payment 31 to 90 days late.

Providing Financial Assurance

RCW 90.03.665 (8) requires:

"Each certified water right examiner must furnish evidence of insurance or financial responsibility in a form acceptable to the department."

Ecology has determined any of the following methods is an acceptable showing of financial surety for each certified water right examiner:

The financial surety must provide adequate coverage of all acts taken by a certified water right examiner when performing duties under their certification.

Such financial surety may be held by the certified water right examiner or provided by their employer.

If a certified water right examiner performs duties under their certification solely for water rights held by their employer, Ecology shall waive the financial surety requirement.


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