Cost Reimbursement Web Notice

In 2010 the state legislature amended RCW 90.03 to allow individual and group processing of water right applications under several cost reimbursement processes, some of which require web based notice.  The following notices have been prepared by Ecology’s regional offices in order to notify the public that an individual or group of applications will be processed through cost reimbursement contracts.

A link to each current notice is located below. The public notice date identifies the date the notice was posted.  Each notice will remain posted for 60 days.  For additional information or to request to join in a current cost reimbursement process, please contact the appropriate regional office.

If you would like to be notified as each notice is posted, please sign up for the Water Resources Program ListServ.

Cost Reimbursement Web Notices

Public Notice
Date Posted
Public Notice End Date
(60 days after
date posted)
Cost Reimbursement - Expedited Process
Public Notice
Cost Reimbursement - Coordinated Process
Public Notice
County Responsible Ecology
Regional Office
There are no Cost Reimbursement notices for review