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Find Out if a Property has a Water Right

Many people contact Ecology each year to find out if there is a valid water right on a parcel they own or are thinking of buying.  Relying on water that one has no right to use can have serious consequences. Also, since property with a water right is typically worth a lot more than property without one, it is important to know whether a water right actually exists prior to purchase.

Ecology’s Statewide Water Rights Web Map is a new online tool that provides convenient access to water right information throughout Washington State.  Water right records can be searched on the Web map by document/record number or by the name of the person the water right was issued to (or the name of the claimant, if it is a water right claim).  The Web map provides information that until now was accessible only by contacting staff in the Water Resources Program, through the public disclosure process, or through individual research in an Ecology office.