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Matt Rakow
Department of Ecology SWRO-WRP

WRIA 26 Cowlitz Watershed Water Availability

The Cowlitz Watershed located in western Washington includes the Cowlitz River and numerous tributary creeks and streams, several of which originate in the Cascade Mountains and Willapa Hills.  The annual precipitation in the Cowlitz Watershed ranges from 40 inches in the lower Cowlitz Valley to over 120 inches in the Cascade Mountains. Most of the precipitation falls during the winter months when water demands are the lowest.  Only a fraction of this annual precipitation becomes available for human and economic uses.

During the summer, the snowpack is gone, there is little rain, and naturally low stream flows are dependent on groundwater inflow.  At the same time, the demand for human uses, including irrigation, are at the yearly maximum.  This means that groundwater and surface water are least available when water demands are the highest.

WRIA 26 Cowlitz Watershed Water Availability Story Map Journal

The WRIA 26 Cowlitz Watershed Water Availability Story Map Journal incorporates Ecology's traditional WRIA 26-Cowlitz Watershed Water Availability Focus Sheet with numerous watershed specific data sets to create an interactive and simple-to-use web application.  After the introductory slide, each journal entry uses a separate ESRI ArcOnline web map to present data.

Data sets used to create this Story Map Journal include:

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