Water Supply Availability Committee (WSAC) 2015 Meetings

Meetings will be held at Ecology Headquarters and will be scheduled as needed.

WSAC includes representatives from:

Water Supply Availability Committee (WSAC) 2015 Meeting Archive

Last revised: December 22, 2015

This page is being maintained as an archive of historical information and will not be updated

The Water Supply Availability Committee (WSAC) was convened in 2015 to evaluate current and forecasted water supply conditions and to consider whether drought conditions are likely to be in effect spring and summer.  This web page is provided to track the meeting information for this group.

The statewide drought declaration is set to expire December 31, 2015.  Forecasts for January thru March 2016 are for warmer, drier conditions as a result of El NiƱo.  Ecology will continue to evaluate conditions, monitor water supplies and re-convene this group as needed.

2015 Meetings

December 3

July 9

May 8

April 7

March 10

February 5


Jeff Marti
Drought Coordinator
Water Resources Program
  Chris Anderson
Web Coordinator
Water Resources Program