Well Construction Information for Well Drillers

An October 2016 Washington State Supreme Court case impacts permit-exempt well use, which may affect some of the information provided on this page.

Well Construction

Pay for your (NOI) online

To reduce the administrative burden on drilling companies, Ecology is now accepting online payments for NOI fees.

For information specific to well drilling in Washington State use the following links:

Use the links below to download information on specific topics:

Delegated County Contacts

Well Construction Technical Advisory Group - TAG

Driller Licensing

Study Packets:

Application forms for Driller Licensing:

Continuing Education

Well operators have been required to obtain continuing education since 1998.  Mandatory continuing education allows drillers to stay informed of industry changes and technological advances. It also allows for networking among the drilling industry professionals where ideas, concerns and issues are raised and resolved.

Drillers must send proof of continuing education at the time of application for a new license or renewal of an existing license to Ecology.  For a new license, please read the Guide to Water Operator License Program for specific dates to send proof of continuing education.  If you are currently licensed, check your drilling license for the date of expiration.  You must send proof of continuing education prior to this date.

For more specific details on continuing education please read Continuing Education of Licensed Well Operators.

Mail your proof of continuing education to:

Water Resources Program, Well Construction
Department of Ecology
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA  98504-7600

Continuing Education CEU Providers

Continuing Education CEU Providers - Ecology has revised WAC 173-160 and WAC 173-162 (the construction and licensing rules).  As part of the changes to the licensing rule, all Continuing Education classes must be given by a CEU Provider.

Approved Continuing Education Courses

Listings of approved continuing education courses (updated as new courses are approved) are included in the following links:

Notice to Well Drillers: Lakewood/Ponders Corner Superfund Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises drilling contractors in the Tacoma area that suspension of drilling should continue in areas affected by contamination from the Lakewood/Ponders Corner Superfund Site.  The affected aquifer is located south of Tacoma in Pierce County.

Washington State Labor and Industries

If you are looking for continuing education opportunities or need to find out if a drilling company is licensed and bonded, use these links to the Washington State Labor and Industries Web site.