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You may be able to drill a well... but can you use the water?

Many basins do not have enough water for new wells and may be closed to further withdrawal of groundwater.  A closure in your area may prohibit withdrawal even from permit-exempt wells.  You must determine whether the basin where you intend to withdraw water is open to withdrawals.  More information can be found by reading the Water Availability Focus Sheets at:

Notice of Intent (NOI) to Drill a Well
  • The Notice of Intent is not a permit, certificate, or application for a water right. 
  • Your Notice of Intent does not represent approval or permission to use water from the well. 
  • Once the well is drilled, the water may only be withdrawn if it is legally available and then NEEDS TO BE put to beneficial use to establish a "right" to use of the water.
  • Notice of Intent Forms - link to the Notice of Intent Form to Construct a Water Well

Information for Property Owners

Decommissioning of Abandoned Wells

Decommissioning of Abandoned Wells - It is not uncommon in Washington state to find old wells which are no longer usable.  These are called abandoned wells. The most common type of abandoned well is the shallow dug type.  Abandoned wells can pose safety and environmental problems, and are required to be properly decommissioned as soon as possible after use stops.  Closing down an old well is called decommissioning.

Information for Well Drillers

Information for licensed well drillers, including- well construction, decommissioning a well, licensing, and continuing education.

How do I send a well report to Ecology?

  • All well reports should be mailed to the regional office servicing that county.  You can use the Ecology Directory to find the mailing address for the appropriate regional office.
  • Well Report Gateway – for "Geotechnical Soil Borings and Environmental Investigation Wells”

Well Construction Technical Advisory Group - TAG

Delegated County Contacts


Laws, Rules, and Forms

Well Construction and Licensing System

Search for a Notice of Intent to Construct or Decommission a well and any well reports that have been received for a Notice of Intent. You can also search for a Washington State licensed well operator and Drilling Companies. Licensed well operators will be able to view CEUs, address information and type and expiration date of licenses.


Headquarters (Lacey)
Scott Malone
(360) 407-6648
Well Construction, Technical Advisory Group, Laws, Regulations and Legislative Activities
Headquarters (Lacey)
Mary Lynum
(360) 407-6650
FAX  (360) 407-7162
Well Construction and Licensing System, Well License Testing, Notice of Intent, Continuing Education
Northwest Region
Noel Philip
(425) 649-7044
Well Construction
Arlene Harris
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Well Report Tracking
Southwest Region
John Pearch
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Well Construction
Opal Smitherman

(360) 407-6859
Well Report Tracking
Central Region
Avery Richardson
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Well Construction
Erin Gutierrez
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Well Report Tracking
Eastern Region
Mark Ader
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Well Construction
Jeff Ayres
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Well Construction
Well Report Tracking

“Abandoned Wells: A Hidden Danger”

The Private Well Class - a free online service, grant-funded to educate homeowners about their private wells.

Notice of Intent Forms - link to the Notice of Intent Form to Construct a Water Well

Well Drilling Notice of Intent (NOI) RSS Feed

Geothermal Heat Pumps - ORA

Decommissioning of Abandoned Wells

Water right information accessed online


Search for a Notice of Intent to Construct or Decommission a well, Washington State licensed well operators and drilling companies


Report Summarizing Well Construction Delegation Activities

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Lakewood/Ponders Corner Superfund Site March 2008


State maps showing drilled wells on record with Ecology in 10 year intervals

The Ground Water Permit Exemption