Resource protection well reports can now be submitted electronically

Welcome to the Well Report Gateway!

Licensed well operators and trainees can now enter data for resource protection well reports directly on Ecology’s website, using the Well Report Gateway.  The information will automatically be in Ecology’s well report database within 24 hours.  Automating this process is a major leap forward in streamlining the well report submittal process.

Well reports for four types of resource protection wells can now be submitted online:

For all other wells, well operators will still need to submit their reports by mailing in the original, signed forms.  Ecology chose geotechnical soil borings and environmental investigation wells for automation because they are constructed and decommissioned at virtually the same time.  So by submitting online, two reports are generated for each well by simply following one process!  These wells comprise more than 60% of the well logs submitted to Ecology.

How do I submit a report?

1.  Set up your account.  First time users start by setting up a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account.  Use the link below.  Click on “Create an account with Secure Access Washington.”  This will take you to the SAW “Create an Account” page.  Follow the step by step instructions and set up your account.  It will confirm your identity and establishes your digital signature for your well reports.

2.  Log in to your account.  Once you have set up an account, use the same link (above) to log in.  Enter your User ID and password.  Click “Let’s Begin” in the lower right-hand corner.  You will be asked to confirm that your NOI is for one of the four types of resource protection wells you can submit electronically, and to enter the Notice of Intent (NOI) number.

3.  Enter NOI number and click Start.  This takes you to Ecology’s Well Report Gateway, and you will be asked how you group your wells.

A well group may have one or more wells.  A “group” has identical depth, diameter and lithology (geologic log).  For example:

Enter number of wells.  If you constructed only one well for the NOI, go directly to Start button at bottom and click.  If you constructed more than one well for the NOI, you will confirm at the bottom that they are identical.  Click Start.

4.  Complete Well Report Submittal Form(s).  You will be taken step-by-step through a series of pages to complete with information on the construction and decommissioning of the well(s).

5.  Review your well report summary.  You have the opportunity to make any changes before sending to Ecology.

6.  Submit Well Report.  When you click the Submit button, that group will be uploaded to the Ecology database and be accessible within 24 hours online.

After submitting a report, two PDF files are generated with a well report and a decommissioning report.  These files need to be saved individually for your records.

What if I have questions about the new submittal process?

Please contact the Well Construction and Licensing office in Lacey.  Training is available upon request.

Phone: (360) 407-6648 or (360) 407-6650