Washington Water Exchange

Ecology has set up the Washington Water Exchange as a service to help water users locate or sell water available for transfer.


The information posted on the Water Exchange is provided by users and has not been approved, reviewed or verified by Ecology.  By providing the Water Exchange, Ecology does not imply or suggest that the information posted is accurate or true nor does Ecology attest to the validity of the water rights claimed.  It is up to the parties involved to contact each other and decide if a legal transaction is possible.

Water Available or Water Needed

Transfers of water rights

People with existing water rights may offer to transfer those rights.  A transfer (i.e., changing the source of the water, where it is used, or how it is used) of a water right might involve transferring a water right from one farmer to another or from one city to another.

All transfers or changes of water rights as well as any other changes or transfers need to be submitted to Ecology for approval.   If they are permanent, the applications will be placed in line with other change applications.  In the Yakima Basin, the Yakima County Superior Court has jurisdiction over temporary transfers, not Ecology, pursuant to Pre-Trial Order #12.

Validity of water rights

The existence of a "paper" right does not guarantee that the right actually exists or exists in the amount or location stated on the document. Ecology staff can give you information, but they can only give you a formal opinion or determination regarding a water right’s validity once you submit an application for change or transfer. If you have concerns about the validity or scope of the right, consider consulting an attorney or professional in the field.

Things you may want to ask a “seller:”

To post water exchange information

Look at the water exchange list and be prepared with the same information that is currently posted for your specific need.  Please contact Chris Anderson at 360 407-6634 or cand461@ecy.wa.gov

Ecology’s program for buying or leasing water for state fish resources

Ecology may be interested in leasing or purchasing valid water rights to alleviate conditions affecting the state's fishery resources using drought financial assistance funding.


Chris Anderson
Department of Ecology, Water Resources Program
e-mail: chris.anderson@ecy.wa.gov
Phone: 360-407-6634