Water Transfer Working Group

The Water Transfer Working Group (WTWG) is a voluntary team of agencies and water users that meet to provide technical review of proposed water right transfers in the Yakima basin. The WTWG process guides applicants to those types of water right changes and transfers that can quickly and easily gain approval from the state.

WY 2017 Meeting dates

All meetings start at 1pm. Proposal deadlines are one week in advance of the following dates.

Call in Number: (303) 445-3926, password 4727



WTWG E-mail Contacts:

Kurt Walker, Department of Ecology;

Carron Helberg, USBR;


WY 2017 Meetings

June 5 at 1pm - (Call in Number: (303) 445-3926, password 4727)

May 1

April 3

March 6

February 6

January 9

December 5

November 7

October 3

WY 2016 Meetings

August 29

WY 2016 Meeting Archive

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