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Saving Puget Sound

Water Assessments

The water flow and water quality assessments for each of the Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs) are done. Maps of the results and GIS data for the water assessments are available for download on Ecology's GIS page for this project. The files are contained in a geodatabase that includes:

  • Final results for two assessments (water flow and water quality)
  • Source data used in the analyses
  • All intermediate data layers
Upon request, the Watershed Characterization Technical Assistance Team (see in Resources below) can also run the assessments for different combinations and sizes of watersheds in order to address specific needs of a local government or non-governmental organization.

For a general introduction to the water assessments, see our guide for local planners: Puget Sound Watershed Characterization: Introduction to the Water Flow Assessment for Puget Sound, July 2010. This document provides examples of how planners can use the information for planning decisions and how it is currently being applied. It contains a general description of:

  • The water flow assessment
  • How the information can be used
  • Intended users
  • Planning processes it can support

For a detailed description of the Characterization, see the final technical document: Puget Sound Characterization - Volume 1: The Water Resource Assessments (Water Flow and Water Quality). This document describes methods, models, and analyses for the water flow and water quality assessment of Puget Sound WRIAs, as well as methods and guidance for applying the model results.

Habitat assessments

The habitat assessment for the Puget Sound Basin are complete, and include models for:

  • A landscape assessment for terrestrial wildlife.
  • A freshwater fish and wildlife assessment.
  • An assessment for marine and near-shore fish and wildlife.

The final document describing the habitat assessment methods, models, analyses, and guidance for application of results to Puget Sound watersheds was published in December 2013.  See the final technical document: Puget Sound Watershed Characterization - Volume 2 (A Coarse-scale Assessment of the Relative Value of Small Drainage Areas and Marine Shorelines for the Conservation of Fish and Wildlife Habitats in Puget Sound Basin). Maps of the results and data for the habitat assessment are available for download on Ecology's GIS page for this project.


Colin F. Hume, Coordinator
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