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Puget Sound photo identifier

Saving Puget Sound


Educational Resources

  • Washington Waters: Ours to Protect - Help prevent stormwater pollution. Topics included are manure management, dog poop, yard care, septic maintenance, car maintenance, car washing and boat maintenance tips.
  • Puget Sound Starts Here - Help prevent stormwater pollution in Puget Sound. Site includes interactive features, including a quiz, polls, photos and videos.
  • Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve - Padilla Bay is "reserved" for research and education about Puget Sound.
  • Puget Sound Shorelines - Comprehensive guide to the Puget shoreline ecosystem, including tips for homeowners.
  • BEACH Program - Monitoring bacteria levels at popular, high risk beaches.
  • Clean Marina program - an incentive-based certification program in which marinas assess their operations and implement improvements to better protect the environment.



  • Environment Washington: Tools for Teachers - Lesson plans and curriculum equivalencies for Project WET and its advanced sister curriculum Healthy Water, Healthy People.
  • Coastal Atlas - View aerial photographs of marine shorelines, locate different habitat types, physical features, and see changes in land cover.
  • Tide charts - for Seattle and nearby stations, from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).