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Saving Puget Sound

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Protect and Restore Puget Sound

Puget Sound is a jewel of the Pacific Northwest, and it needs our continued attention. Pollution, habitat degradation, pressures on water supplies and a changing climate are among some of the greater challenges we face. Ecology is a dedicated to finding and implementing solutions to restore the health of Puget Sound and protect this precious resource for future generations.

We collaborate with many partners to leverage the best available science and research to understand and counter the challenges facing Puget Sound. As we move forward, we are working with local communities to build partnerships and invest in solutions together. Together, we’re working for clean waters and healthy ecosystems, as well as economic prosperity in harmony with responsible environmental leadership.

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Studies and Monitoring

Marine Water Quality Montitoring | Reports on the Health of the Sound | Puget Sound Models Washington Coastal Atlas


Prevention, Recovery Restoration

Puget Sound Initiative (PSI) Cleanup Sites | 2005-2007 Puget Sound Investment Atlas | Control of Toxic Chemicals in Puget Sound


Washington Waters: Ours to Protect | Puget Sound Starts Here | Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve


Stormwater | Washington Waters - Ours to Protect | Reducing Toxic Threats

Washington Waters - Ours To Protect
Puget Sound Starts Here

Puget Sound photo banner, photo courtesy of www.flickr/worldofarun


Determining the relative contributions of regional and global human impacts (May 2015)