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Survey of Permitted and Inspected Customers

About the Survey

The Survey of Permitted and Inspected Customers is a tool used by the Washington State Department of Ecology to measure customer service and satisfaction. Conducted biennially, the tool surveys permitted and inspected customers to solicit feedback on their interactions with Ecology staff. To ensure that the process and results are statistically valid, Ecology contracts with a statistics service to conduct the survey.

Why measure customer service?

Good customer service helps develop innovative partnerships with our customers to sustain healthy land, air, and water in harmony with a strong economy. As a regulatory agency, we can’t rely on a bottom line measured by sales to tell us how we’re doing. Consequently, surveying customer satisfaction is an essential way for us to learn how well we work with our customers.

Who do you survey?

The 2014 survey sought feedback from two types of customers: permit applicants and inspected businesses and facilities.

Environmental Program

Name of Permit or Inspection

Air Quality Agricultural burn permits, outdoor burn permits, air operating permits and inspections, air quality inspections (annual, periodic, and other), new air source permits (notice of construction, prevention of serious deterioration, and general order)
Hazardous Waste and Toxic Reductions Dangerous waste permits and inspections (treatment, storage, and disposal; and handlers)
Shorelands and Environmental Assistance 401 Water quality certification permits and inspections
Spills Prevention Small and large handling facility inspections
Toxics Cleanup Underground storage tank inspections
Waste 2 Resources Biosolids management permits, industrial section permits and inspections
Water Quality Construction stormwater permits and inspections, industrial stormwater permits and inspections, industrial wastewater discharge permits and inspections, municipal wastewater discharge permits and inspections, water quality general NPDES permits and inspections
Water Resources Dam safety permits and inspections, new water rights permits, water right change permits