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Survey of Permitted and Inspected Customers

Inspection Results

Ecology conducts inspections and site visits to businesses and facilities required to comply with Washington’s environmental laws and rules. Many of our inspections are to determine compliance with permit conditions. We also inspect or visit businesses and facilities that are required to comply with environmental laws and rules, but do not have an associated permit. The survey targeted 15 different inspection types with a total sample size of 1,878 inspection customers.

Main findings

  • The inspection process provided useful regulatory information to our customers.

  • Inspectors were clear in describing the process, answered questions, and explained requirements.

  • Inspectors could be more knowledgeable about a customer’s facility.

Improvement efforts

  • Our Nuclear Waste Program now tracks the time to issue inspection reports and is rededicating resources to reports that are taking too long.

  • Our Hazardous Waste Program now notifies some facilities prior to their inspection and gives them a regulation checklist, allowing facilities to better prepare for their inspection.