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Working with you for a better Washington, photo of freshwater monitoring

Science provides the foundation for credible decision-making.

Ecology scientists monitor our air, land, and water, providing comprehensive information to guide Washington’s environmental choices.

Working together in Whatcom County to understand the manure-groundwater connection

For nearly five years (2004-2009), scientists Barb Carey of the Department of Ecology and Dr. Joe Harrison from Washington State University monitored and measured the amount of manure applied to a 22-acre grass crop field in Whatcom County. The work included measuring soil, crop, and groundwater to track where the nitrogen from the manure went. (read the blog story, photos below)

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Updated! 3/11/20143/11/2014

Nitrogen-groundwater study, of manured grass field (3/2014)


Updated! 3/11/2014 3/11/2014