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Ecology for Businesses

Bidding Opportunities

The Department of Ecology uses many different types of goods and services to meet its mission. Ecology encourages wide participation by the business community in the opportunities it has available.

Ecology publishes all bidding opportunities, including amendments, through the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) notification system called WEBS.

 Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS)

Go to the DES site to learn about Doing Business with the State.

Benefits of Registering in WEBS, and Reminders

  • WEBS is free to use.
  • Anyone is eligible to register in WEBS and must do so to view details.
  • View bidding opportunities for Ecology (and other agencies).
    • Select “Ecology, Department of” from the dropdown list.
  • Receive E-mail notices of future bidding.
  • Keep your contact and commodity information current.
  • Set your E-Mail account to allow E-mails from

For Bidding Questions

  • See specific bidding documents in WEBS for contact information.
  • For general bidding questions, contact Mark Gaffney, Contracts and Purchasing Unit Manager, 360-407-7031.

Public Inspection

Ecology makes available the following recent list of procurement documents for Public Inspection:

  • Sole source contracts
  • Emergency contracts
  • Interlocal agreements

Legal Notices

Ecology may publish legal notices of bidding opportunities and sole source purchases in the following newspapers:

Statewide Vendors/
Statewide Payees

A-19-1A Invoice Voucher


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

Information Technology Contractor Guidelines

Supplier Diversity Plan