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Ecology for Educators and Students


Check out the student pages for everything from fun facts and learning, to real science research, maps and resources, and even jobs for youth and green jobs training to help you and the environment.

  • Kids pages - fun and cool sites about air, climate, recycling, water and more.
  • High School:
  • Work opportunities:
    • Ecology Youth Corps (13-17) - Washington State's largest youth employment program; you gain valuable job skills, teamwork experience, and safety awareness, removing roadside litter and promoting recycling.
    • Washington Conservation Corps (18-25) - Gain hands-on experience working outdoors to protect and restore the environment while developing your resume and earning money and education benefits.
    • Green Jobs training resources - for clean efficient energy (under development)
  • Resources, Research & References - great project and report references
  • Great climate change sites - new IPCC report, etc. (under development)
  • Environmental Monitoring Data – from the scientists at Ecology and their colleagues
  • Maps – GIS maps of Washington state watersheds, flood hazard areas, solar & wind, and much more