Compliance and Enforcement Data

The information below summarizes agency notices, orders and penalties. Penalty assessments are the initial amounts assessed before any appeals, negotiated settlements, Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office or Superior Court decisions where the total amount could be reduced. Significant year to year differences of the total penalty amounts for enforcement actions occur due to targeted inspection initiatives, new or enhanced permitting programs, or statutory changes. Yearly differences of initial penalty amounts may correspond with action spikes, a large single violation, or group of violations. For example: 2002 totals include $15,720,000 in penalties issued for the 1999 Olympic Pipe Line rupture and fire.

The program totals reflect only a portion of what programs’ expend on compliance and enforcement work. To find out more about Ecology programs, please visit the Ecology Program’s webpage. All totals are subject to changes or slight variances from program totals.

*These penalty amounts reflect the initial assessment amount before any appeals process or negotiations where the total amount may be reduced. 2002 totals include $15,720,000 in penalties issued for the 1999 Bellingham spill and fire. All totals are subject to change or slight variance.