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How to Send a Payment to the Department of Ecology

Form of Payment

The Department of Ecology accepts payment in the form of:

Check or Money Order only - by mail or courier

Address depends on method sent.
See "Where to Send your Payment" detail below.

Check, Money Order, or Cash - deliver to Headquarters building
300 Desmond DR SE, in Lacey, WA
8-5 Monday-Friday
(closed on state holidays)

Need a receipt or have cash?

  • Hand-deliver to the Cashier.

Don't need a receipt and paying by check or money order?

  • Place payment in dropbox inside main reception area, envelopes provided.

Electronic payment (Credit Card, Debit Card, or E-Check) Currently limited to certain fee types.
  • If your Ecology invoice mentions this payment option, follow the invoice instructions to pay online using this method.
  • Not offered for all payments.
  • Not offered over the phone.


Include the invoice stub/remittance advice/invoice number with your payment to ensure proper posting to your account.


Where to Send Your Payment

Please send your payment to the address listed on the payment request document (such as invoice, notice of penalty, permit application, or other).  If this document is not available, use the information below to send your payment.

  • By Mail - US Postal Service

PO BOX 47611
OLYMPIA WA 98504-7611

  • By Courier - such as FedEx or UPS - Requires Street Address - Headquarters Building

LACEY WA 98503

Contact Information

  • Cashier Phone Number: (360) 407-7095

Ecology's Taxpayer ID Number (TIN)

If you need Ecology's TIN on file to meet IRS requirements before you can send us your payment, click on Email to request Ecology's TIN/W-9 form

Include the following information in the Email body.  (You may copy the bullets below and paste them into the Email.)

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Preferred method to receive the form - fax, US Mail, or e-mail
    (If not noted, or if you select e-mail, we will reply with a scanned, signed pdf file.)