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Ecology maintains the spatial datasets described here in order to better describe the diverse natural and cultural environment that we live and work in. As a public service, we have made some of our data available for viewing and downloading here.

Ecology's Spatial Datasets

Our spatial datasets are available as zipped shapefiles or geodatabases (unless otherwise noted), our metadata files are in FGDC format, and our view files are in JPG format. Ecology's standard projection and datum for our shapefiles is Washington State Plane, South Zone, NAD 83 HARN, units US feet, unless otherwise noted. If you are using NAD 27 and want to reproject our data to that standard, please see our FAQ question. (More information on our data standards.)

If you can't find the data that you are seeking here, please check our links to other websites at the bottom of this page. Please use our Digital Data Request Form (view HTML format) to order data (if you are unable to download it here).

We also have maps available. For a listing of these maps, please go to our GIS Maps page.

Having problems using our data? Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Help Page may have the answer.


Please note that our GIS data, while available for free of charge, is covered by Ecology's Conditions of Use Statement. Please view the conditions on the Site Information Page

Ecology's Statewide Data Sets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Water quality monitoring stations

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Baseflow Stations

Baseflow characteristics of Washington streams


Washington Public Beach Access Points

A detailed GIS database of public access locations (point features) with attributes along the coastal shorelines.


Carbon Monoxide

Air quality maintenance areas


City and Urban Growth Areas

City boundaries and UGAs


Channel Migration Potential (CHAMP)

Stream networks of Western Washington (and much of Western Oregon) with associated data and information important for assessing channel migration activity.


Coastal Zone Atlas of Washington

Shoreline Slope Stability



Dams in Washington State

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Shore drift along Puget Sound and Pacific Coast shorelines.

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Drought Areas 2015

State of Washington drought areas from declarations of 3/13 and 4/17 2015.

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Emission Check Areas (Automobile)

Areas where automotive emission checks are required.

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Environmental Information Monitoring Locations

Ecology's EIM database
Also see EIM Web Query System.

(Updated every Sunday night.)


Areas of Extreme Concern

Areas where field gear decontamination is required to avoid spreading invasive species. (3 layers: Streams, Rivers, Watersheds)



Ecology permitted sites
Also, see Facility/Site on the Web.
Facility/Site Interaction Table web document.

(Updated every Sunday night.)


Feeder Bluffs and Landforms

For Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca


FEMA Flood Data

  • Q3 Flood Data
  • Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM)

Geographic Names Information System

GNIS database from USGS for Washington State


National Hydrography Dataset for Washington (Hi-Resolution NHD,  24k-4k)

Ecology has adopted the NHD for the state hydrography dataset. PNW Framework data is retired and no longer available. Publish date April 2016.


National Hydrography Dataset (NHDPlus) 100k

Watercourses and waterbodies at 100k scale


National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) 24k:  Major Areas, Streams, & Waterbodies

Major NHD water features for cartographic use (3 layers).


Lake Bathymetry

Bathymetric contours of selected freshwater lakes


Land Cover:  Basins Potentially Meeting 40% Total Impervious Area

Water Quality Webpage


Land Use:  Washington State 2010

Statewide land use based on parcels and aerial photographs. (2 layers)


Washington State Levee Inventory

Inventory of  levees in the state.


Washington Master Sample

Comparable, complementary monitoring sites.


Municipal Stormwater Permit Areas

Municipal Stormwater Permit Area boundaries Phase I and Phase II.


Oil Spill Planning Information

Geographic Response Plan (GRP)
Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Website



Air quality maintenance areas



Air quality maintenance areas


Tacoma-Pierce County Nonattainment Area

Wapato Hills-Puyallup River Valley PM 2.5 Nonattainment Area for particulate matter


Puget Sound Watershed Characterization Project

Watershed characterization for the Puget Sound drainage basins.


Quadrangle Boundaries - 1:24,000

USGS 7½' Quadrangle Map Boundaries


Quarter Quadrangle Boundaries - 1:24,000

USGS 7½' Quarter Quadrangle Boundaries


Quadrangle Boundaries - 1:62,500

USGS 15' Quadrangle Map Boundaries


Quadrangle Boundaries - 1:100,000

USGS 100k Quadrangle Map Boundaries


Quadrangle Boundaries - 1:250,000

USGS 250k Quadrangle Map Boundaries


Ecology Regions

The Department of Ecology's administrative regions in the state:  Eastern, Central, Northwest, & Southwest.


USGS - WDFW River Miles

River mile markers from USGS 7½ minute quadrangles with added points from WDFW's 1975 Stream Catalog.


Marine Shorelines

Washington's marine shorelines.


Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - SMA Jurisdiction Adopted

Streams, rivers, lakes, swamps and marine areas designated "Shorelines of the State" or “Shorelines of Statewide Significance” by local governments and published in their shoreline master program and adopted by Ecology. These data represent the current shoreline Management Act jurisdiction as of May 2016. These features are mapped to the WA State Standard NHD Hydrography layer (version April 2016) and can be used as linear events.

This geodatabase contains three feature classes:

  • SMA_Jurisdiction_Lakes (polygons)
  • SMA_ Jurisdiction _Streams (arcs)
  • SMA_Jurisdiction_Marine

References:  Chapters 173-18-044, 173-20-044 WAC and Shoreline Management Home


Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - SMA Jurisdiction Original (will not be updated)

Features that were originally published in Chapter 173-18 and Chapter 173-20 WAC. These features WILL BE SUPERSEDED by SMA_Jurisdiction_Adopted as local government updates are approved by Ecology. This layer is slowly becoming outdated as cities and counties update their list of Shoreline Management Act streams in their shoreline master program. See WAC 173-18-044 posted at

This geodatabase contains three feature classes:

  • WAC173_18_Arcs (Streams and Rivers)
  • WAC173-18_Points (Points on streams and rivers where shoreline jurisdiction begins and where streams and rivers cross county boundaries)
  • WAC173_20_Polygons (Lakes and Wetlands)

Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - SMA Jurisdiction Suggested (will not be updated)

Features that were estimated to qualify as “Shorelines of the State” and “Shorelines of Statewide Significance” as defined in the Shoreline Management Act, Chapter RCW 90.58.030 RCW. For use by local governments when updating their shoreline master program. These features WILL BE SUPERSEDED by SMA_Jurisdiction_Adopted as local government updates are approved by Ecology.

This geodatabase contains three feature classes:

  • SMA_Pnts_Sugg (estimated jurisdictional flow points on streams and rivers likely to qualify as "shorelines" and "Shorelines of Statewide Significance)
  • SMA_Arcs_Sugg (streams and rivers estimated to qualify as "Shorelines of the State" based on their flow)
  • SMA_Poly_Sugg (water bodies lakes, wetlands, etc. estimated to qualify as "Shorelines of the State" based on their area),

Washington Marine Shoreline Public Access Project

The location, length, and degree of public access to Washington State's marine shoreline. Please submit updates to


Surface Water Quality Standards for the State of Washington

This dataset contains spatial and attribute information of the Surface Water Quality Standards for the State of Washington, Chapter 173-201A WAC. Four views of the WQ Standard are contained in this dataset, Freshwater Beneficial Uses, Seasonal Supplemental Spawning and Egg Incubation Temperature Standards, rules designated in Table 602, and exceptions to Table 602 listed in the footnotes.  If any discrepancies are found between GIS layers and the published rule, the published rule takes precedence. Updated April 2016.


Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Maps

Boundaries representing the area covered by TMDL projects or 4b projects.


State Tribal Lands

Current and historic Indian tribal lands.


Washington State Base Map

Outline of state boundary and water features.


2008 Washington Water Quality Assessment 303(d)

Washington State's 2008 Water Quality Assessment (WQA) produced in the Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Report format consisting of both the 303(d) List and the 305(b) Report.  Water Quality's 303(d) website

washmeta.gif (756 bytes) 22,335

2012 Washington Water Quality Assessment 303(d)

Washington State's 2012 Water Quality Assessment (WQA) produced in the Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Report format consisting of both the 303(d) List and the 305(b) Report.  Water Quality's 303(d) website

washmeta.gif (756 bytes) 26,679

Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA)

Areas for state water resource planning and administration.


Geographic Water Information System (GWIS)

Ecology Water Resources GWIS database, which includes water right place-of-use polygons and associated device points.


Water Diversions NHD

Spatial representation of surface water points of diversion locations as interpreted from water-right documents


Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)

Hydrologic Unit Boundaries (HUC)


Well Logs

Locations from the Water Resource Program.

Well Logs Home Page


Modeled Wetlands Inventory

Wetland Inventory by Ecology/NOAA


If Ecology does not have the data you are seeking, other data sources to try:







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