Western Washington Land Cover Change


The 2005 Western Washington Land Cover Change Analysis project was to provide land cover data for Western Washington for a 1991 time frame and a comprehensive analysis of change in land cover, impervious surface, and forest canopy for all of Western Washington between 1991 and 2001.

Listed below is the final shapefile (“Western Washington Counties”), Sanborn project report, and 1991, 1996, and 2001 data layers for the project. In 2009, Ecology contracted with NOAA to provide analysis of land cover for 1986 and 2006.  Those IMAGINE data layers have been added to the table below. 

Also listed in the table below under the subheading of "Ecology data" are the results of using the data provided by NOAA to identify basins which exceeded 40% total impervious area as of 1986.

Ecology SEA program partnered with NOAA-Coastal Services Center to improve their mapping and in August 2013 new improved images became finalized for 1992, 1996, 2001, 2006, and 2011. These images are also available at http://csc.noaa.gov/ccapftp/ (select WA from the drop down menu).


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The data files are all available via anonymous FTP:  ftp://www.ecy.wa.gov/gis_a/imageryBaseMapsEarthCover/landcover.

To download the files, simply click on the FTP site link or filename below.

Dataset Metadata Originator Format Filename File Size (kb) View
1986 Basins Criterion Ecology SHP basins.zip 511
Western Washington Counties DNR SHP DNR GIS Website - -
2005 Project Report Sanborn Word report.zip 1,487 -
1991 Canopy Sanborn IMG canopy1991.zip 7,878
1996 Canopy Sanborn IMG canopy1996.zip 7,776
2001 Canopy Sanborn IMG canopy2001.zip 7,692
2006 Canopy NOAA IMG canopy2006.zip 58,112
1986 Impervious NOAA IMG impervious1986.zip 9,639
1991 Impervious Sanborn IMG impervious1991.zip 6,361
1996 Impervious Sanborn IMG impervious1996.zip 6,719
2001 Impervious Sanborn IMG impervious2001.zip 6,873
2006 Impervious NOAA IMG impervious2006.zip 11,240
Land Cover  (geographic projection)
1992 Landcover NOAA IMG wa_1992_ccap_land_cover.zip 25,312
1996 Landcover NOAA IMG wa_1996_ccap_land_cover.zip 24,509
2001 Landcover NOAA IMG wa_2001_ccap_land_cover.zip 24,516
2006 Landcover NOAA IMG wa_2006_ccap_land_cover.zip 24,963
2011 Landcover NOAA IMG wa_2011_ccap_land_cover.zip 25,079


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