Download National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Data

Welcome to the Department of Ecology's National Hydrography Dataset download page. Here you can download a statewide layer for NHD or a individual subregion.

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Our What's New Archive webpage contains the date of the last update to the NHD data by our data steward.



Helpful Links:

National Map Viewer - Download smaller individual subbasins or NHD data from other states such as Idaho or Oregon.

NHD download instructions:

Subbasin and SubRegion reference map

Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)

USGS:  Locate Your Watershed


For questions concerning the NHD datasets, please contact:

Anita Stohr
Hydrography Data Steward
Washington State Department of Ecology
Phone: (360) 407-7128
Fax:  (360) 407-6493

For questions/problems concerning the website, please contact:

Rich Kim,
Spatial Database Administrator
Washington State Department of Ecology
Phone: (360) 407-6121