Cheat sheet for extracting an NHD Subbasin from the National Map Viewer

  1. Click on the link to the NHD Viewer
  2. Enter a subbasin id or place name in "Find a Place" search tool and click Search. The viewer will zoom to the feature you searched.
  3. Open the “Download Data” tool. A “Download Options” box will open.
  4. Choose “NHD Subbasins” as a reference area. That layer will appear in the map area.
  5. Click on the subbasin
  6. Zoom to subbasin boundary (link in TOC)
  7. Click on See Available Data link in TOC
  8. Click on the Hydrography check box and choose the download format. Click Next
  9. Select NHD with or without the Flow Table depending on your need. Click Next
  10. Click Checkout in the next box
  11. Fill in your email address and click Place Order