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Washington Zip Code Maps

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Map Information:

The U.S. Post Office assigns zip Codes on a street-by-street basis generally within census block group areas.

Polygon data was obtained from U.S. Bureau of Census site

Linework for this data was upgraded by Ecology staff using 1:24k county boundaries, 1:100k stream centerlines and additional polygons at 1:24k for new zip code areas not contained in the original data. Null areas of no zip code were expanded from the original data to include large contiguous blocks of Major Public Lands such as National Parks, and National and State Forest lands. All zip code numbers were checked against Washington State zip code list from the United States Postal Service (USPS) website:

Ecology makes no guarantee for the accuracy of these maps. The maps are assumed to be approximate USPS zip code delivery areas. Actual postal delivery areas may vary, and updates and new zip code areas are made without notice.

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