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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Washington State County, State and Watershed Maps

Ecology conducts projects using Geographic Information System (GIS) produced maps as aids in accomplishing its mission. The agency has built and maintains the GIS maps described here in order to help our staff and the public understand the diverse natural and cultural environment we live and work in. As a public service, we are making some of our GIS maps available for download here. Maps are organized by theme in three separate division categories WRIA, County and State and can be accessed by selecting from links below.

Washington State Water Resource Inventory Area Maps View map themes by Washington State's 62 WRIA's


Washington State County Maps:   View map themes by Washington State's 39 Counties


Washington State MapsView statewide map themes


Have questions about Ecology's maps? Contact:

Liz O'Dea, GIS Analyst
Washington State Department of Ecology
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, Washington  98504-7600

Phone: (360) 407-6142
Fax: (360) 407-6493

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