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Averaged Solar Radiation Maps

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The Solar Radiation maps were produced from Daymet data. Daymet is a model that generates DAILY surfaces of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and radiation over large regions of complex terrain. Daymet was been developed at the University of Montana, NTSG Lab, to fulfill the need for fine resolution, daily meteorological and climatological data necessary for plant growth model inputs.

Using a digital elevation model and daily observations of minimum and maximum temperatures and precipitation from ground-based meteorological stations, an 18 year daily data set (1980 - 1997) of temperature, precipitation, humidity and radiation has been produced as a continuous surface at a 1 km resolution. A wide range of summary and point daily data over the conterminous United States are now available. Map values for the solar series are based on the International System (SI) energy unit MegaJoule. One megajoule is equal to .277 Kilowatt hours (or 3.6 megajoule = 1 kilowatt hour). For more information, see the Daymet Homepage.

Annual Solar Map
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