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FEMA Q3 Flood Maps

by Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA)

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Map Information:

The flood maps on this site are a general purpose, watershed area view of potential flood hazard zones and are not intended for the detailed identification of local property, insurance claims, or emergency needs. For information about Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),, or contact your local county emergency management office. The resolution for Ecology hydrographic data shown on these maps is 1:100,000. The claimed resolution for FIRM data is 1:24,000. Some overlay discrepancies should be expected. Ecology makes no guarantee for the accuracy of this data.


Please note that flood data users need to use the actual FIRM panels from FEMA to make any flood determinations since there are accuracy standards and issues involved. The FIRM panels are still the official legal document.

About FEMA FIRM Flood Data Specifications:

Flood Areas In SFHA (shown in ORANGE on the maps): An area designated as within a "Special Flood Hazard Area" (or SFHA) on a FIRM.  This is an area inundated by 1% annual chance flooding for which BFEs or velocity may have been determined. No distinctions are made between the different flood hazard zones that may be included within the SFHA.  These may include Zones A, AE, AO, AH, A99, AR, V, VE.

Flood Areas Outside SFHA (shown in YELLOW on the maps): An area designated as outside a "Special Flood Hazard Area" (or SFHA) on a FIRM.  This is an area inundated by 0.2% annual chance flooding; an area inundated by 1% annual chance flooding with average depths of less than 1 foot or with drainage areas less than 1 square mile; an area protected by levees from 1% annual chance flooding; or an area that is determined to be outside the 1% and 0.2% annual chance floodplains.  No distinctions are made between these different conditions.  These may include areas of Zone X500.

Also included in maps for WRIA's 1-3, 5-19 are Unstable Shoreline Slope areas from Washington's Coastal Zone Atlas. Unstable slopes are considered unstable because of geology, groundwater, slope and/or erosional factors and can include recent or historically active landslide areas. These areas are shown in RED.

Most WRIA maps with saltwater shorelines now have Tide station locations (green triangle, blue location names) with a web link to NOAA Tide Prediction charts on the bottom left of each map. Stream gage locations are shown on most maps (red triangle, blue location names) with link to USGS Stream flow data on the bottom right.

Digital flood GIS data and Shoreline Slope Stability data are available for download on this website.

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