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Topographic Maps

by Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA)

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Map Information:

These elevation maps were generated using a hillshade grid with AML programming in ArcInfo and Arcplot. Compiled by Ecology’s GIS-Technical Services staff, the hillshade view is a composite of all Washington 10-meter DEMs.

The hillshade was produced from merged, 10-meter Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files created by the USGS and obtained from the Geology Department at the University of Washington.

10-meter DEMs are produced from 20’ contour lines contained on the USGS 7.5 minute quad maps. Expect to find some map edge lines showing in these views. This is where contour lines didn’t quite match between adjacent quad maps and produced slight numeric errors in the DEMs.

Additional data included on these maps are WRIA Boundaries, county boundaries, major 1:24k streams and water bodies.

Caution:  File size for these maps runs from 782 KB to 3,899 KB so download times may take awhile. It is advisable to download your file of choice directly to your hard disk rather double clicking to open the PDF file from our server. To do this, use the menu button on the mouse (usually the right button) and click on the file you want from the WRIA name list below the state map. When the dropdown menu appears, click on the ‘Save Target As…’ option and choose a place on your hard drive from the ‘Save As’ menu. Load, draw and refresh times will be much faster from your computer than from our server.

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