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Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA) were formalized under Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173-500-040 and authorized under the Water Resources Act of 1971, Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 90.54. Ecology was given responsibility for the development and management of these administrative and planning boundaries. These boundaries represent the administrative underpinning of this agency’s business activities. The original WRIA boundary agreements and judgments were reached jointly by Washington's natural resource agencies Ecology, Department of Natural Resources, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1970 and were updated in 1998 and 2000.

For more WRIA information, visit Ecology's Watershed Updates by Water Resource Inventory Areas page, and see a list of WRIA Areas.

Points to note about WRIA maps:

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All maps created using ESRI's ArcInfo 9.x, ArcPlot software.

Data Sources:

Data for the WRIA maps comes from different sources. To obtain the digital data, please click on the link to the organization website.

Layer Organization Scale Year
Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA) Washington State Department of Ecology 1:24,000 2000
Incorporated Cities Washington State Department of Ecology 1:24,000 2013
Counties Washington State Department of Natural Resources 1:24,000 1992
Highway and Roads Washington State Department of Transportation 1:24,000 2002
Rivers and Water Bodies Washington State Department of Ecology 1:100,000 2000
Major Public Lands Washington State Department of Natural Resources varies 2005
Public/Ownership/County/Administrative (POCA) Washington State Department of Natural Resources 1:24,000 2000
303(d) Water Courses and Water Bodies Washington State Department of Ecology 1:100,000 1998
National Land Cover Data United States Geological Survey 1:100,000 1992
StreamNet StreamNet 1:100,000 2000
7½' 10 Meter Digital Elevation Model University of Washington 1:24,000 1998
FEMA Q3 Flood Maps Federal Emergency Management Agency and Ecology 1:24,000 1998
Population Density Washington State Office of Financial Management 1:100,000 2001
Boat launches Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office 24.000 2005
Campgrounds Washington State Department of Ecology 24.000 2002
USFS National Inventoried Roadless Areas USDA Forest Service varies 2000

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