Department of Health – Wellhead Protection Zones, Reports & Underground Storage Tanks

  1. Continue the integration of Wellhead Protection data into Ecology’s and Washington Department of Health's (WDOH) information systems. This will be accomplished by including improved data into the Health’s GIS system and into Ecology’s Information Integration Project (IIP) GIS component. The IIP GIS component is scheduled for construction between July 1, 1998 and June 30, 1999. Specific WDOH design and construction components will be accomplished during this time period.
  2. Develop custom reports to generate system-specific lists of Facility/Site and other potential contaminant sources located with wellhead protection zones. These reports could be distributed by WDOH to system operators as they are developing their potential contaminant source inventories.
  3. Based on WDOH interest, and Ecology’s ability to access the needed information, provide geographic locations for injection control wells, underground storage tanks, or a combination of these, based on address match geo-processing. This task includes address cleaning, address matching, and ArcView coordinate verification and QA/QC. The proposed activity will be a first pass at providing coordinate locations for the selected data set(s).
  4. Facilitate the exchange of Class A water purveyor data between Ecology and WDOH, such that it can be entererd into Ecology’s Facility/Site ID system. The data are then available to the public and WDOH via the Facility/Site ID on the Web. Ecology will undertake the cost for this activity.
  5. Provide cost share funding for the WA Geographic Information Council’s (GIC) Hydrography Framework project manager. The Hydrography Framework Project will coordinate the building of a statewide database of hydrography data. It will accommodate the inherently dynamic nature of the state’s water resources and to allow various users to depict their area of interest in a uniform and consistent manner. The project will define and improve our to access to, and enhancement of, this ever changing information set and will afford us the opportunity to use the same information source for display and analysis.

Client: David Jennings, WA Department of Health
Completed: June 1999

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