Washington Location Finder Project

(formerly GeoJARPA)


This project is partially funded by the U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY under the Exchange Network Grant Program.

Project Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 2/21/2008)

Project Organization (updated 1/23/2007)

Project Scope & Objectives (updated 2/14/2007)

Exchange Network Quality Assurance Report (submitted to EPA 1/31/2007)

Good Ideas (updated 1/27/2007)

Issues (updated 1/2/2008)

Schedule Matrix (updated 1/9/2008)

Project Status (updated 3/4/2008)

Meeting Summaries

Exchange Network National Meeting; 5/1/2008, Presentation

Washington Geographic Information Council; 4/17/2008, Presentation

Steering Committee; 3/5/2008, Meeting Presentation & Summary

Technical Review Team; 10/24/2007; Overview Presentation ; Ecology Services Presentation

Business Team; 10/18/2007; Presentation

Presentation to Ecology Business Information Technology Committee, 6/27/2007; Presentation

Presentation to Washington Geographic Information Council, 4/19/2007; Presentation

Business Team Meeting #5, Water Quality Business Rules, 3/21/2007;  Meeting Summary ; Agency Use of Waterbody fields

Business Portal Steering Committee Briefing 2/22/2007; Presentation

Business Team Meeting #3, 2/21/2007; Map-Based Location Editor Meeting Summary ; GIS Layer MatrixPresentation

Business Team Meeting #2 2/14/2007; Address Geo-Coding Meeting Summary ; Presentation

Business Team 1/27/2007; Meeting Summary  Presentation

Steering Committee 1/9/2007; Meeting Summary

Technical Documents & Web Links

GIS Layer Matrix (updated 3/7/2008)

Logical Web Methods (updated 3/26/2007)

Use Case-Web Method Matrix (updated 3/29/2007)

National Environmental Information Exchange Network Website

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) , OGC Standards

Geographically Encoded Objects for Really Simple Syndication (GeoRSS) ; OGC-GeoRSS White Paper ; GeoRSS Website

Use Cases and Requirements

Exchange Network GeoProcessing Execute Flow Configuration Document (updated 3/31/2011)

Generic Map Control Application Architecture (approved October 12, 2009)

Project Background (from Scoping Phase)

Project Plan

Requirements Documents

Scoping Team Meeting Summaries

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