Eastern Washington Hydrography Framework Integration Project

July 18, 2005



Project Description:

The PNW Hydrography Framework Project participants are in the process of building a seamless GIS hydrography layer for all of Washington, Oregon, and northern California to support similar environmental initiatives. This data will be housed on the Pacific Northwest Hydrography Framework Clearinghouse, http://hydro.reo.gov/, which is a dedicated site for the storage and retrieval of the regions hydrography data. Additionally, it also allows appropriate Framework Partners the ability to checkout areas of interest, perform edits to the hydrography data, and then resubmit them back to the Framework thus encouraging the maintenance of one cohesive set of data thatís usable by all.

The Washington Department of Natural Resources recently completed the conversion of the 1:24,000 hydrography from the Data í96 project to this new Framework model. The Framework partners have agreed that, in certain watersheds, the converted data will not be posted to the Framework Clearinghouse until it is integrated with hydrography data from the federal partners. The process of integrating these two separate hydrography data sets into one seamless data layer is complex and time consuming but needs to be undertaken. This project will refine the process for this integration and complete the detailed integration of state and federal data into the seamless, integrated layer for Western Washington. Follow up work on Eastern Washington will likely follow the successful completion of Western Washington integration.

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Oregon-Washington Boundary and Mouth of Columbia River Legal Description

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