Hydro Data Integration Technical Status Reports

Dates:    Thursdays, November 4, 2004

Time:    1:00 to 2 :00

Place:   Ecology Conference Rm. 3F-08         




Tim Young, WDFW; Dan Saul, ECY; Martin Hudson, WDFW; Mike Woodall, ECY; John Tooley, ECY; Rick Jordan, USFS and Joy Paulus, SWIM


Topics Covered:


Progress Report on WRIA Integration

  • 9 WRIA’s are in the Clearinghouse to date
    • 11 are done
    • 2 are deferred till 2005
    • 2 on hold at the Clearinghouse due to Columbia River (WRIA’s 24 & 25)
    • 15 remain to be integrated and entered into the Clearinghouse


  • One more WRIA editing is completed and ready for WDFW QA/QC
  • Waiting on Martin to approve the QA/QC on 3 WRIA
  • NHD data in the geo-database format and we’ll start to see it delivered to the USFS soon.
  • The 2006 Water Quality 303d reporting system wants to incorporate LL-ID’s into their system so we need to get WA completed.


Review of Issues Tracking List

We talked a little about whether it would be helpful to track attribute problems found during processing and editing process.  These typically are just noticed but if we tracked them they could help direct the data stewards to where attribute issues exist.  It was agreed that we would start tracking these and any issues that arise during this project.


Processing Time/WRIA and Budget Review

As of this meeting the follow hours have been spent processing various WRIA’s:


Dan                                                                  Mike

WRIA #           Hours                                       WRIA #            Hours


17                    20                                            16                    30

26                    80                                            18                    19

                                                                        19                    15

                                                                        20                    46

                                                                        21                    22