Hydro Data Integration Status Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: Thursday, August 27, 2004



Joy Paulus, SWIM; Dan Saul, Mike Woodall, and John Tooley - Ecology




Here's a brief update on the projects progress.


1) Processing Documentation is attached. There are 4 sections in the back that need to be completed.

         Step 13, WDFW QA/QC Procedures (WDFW) - Martin Hudson's editing procedure write-up (due Aug 31, 2004). This section will include a check on the Minimum Clearinghouse Attributes and Topological Correctness.

         Step 14, Correction of Errors (ECY) - Dan will complete this once WDFW has submits Step 13 write-up

         Step 15, Data to the Clearinghouse (ECY) - Dan will complete this based on the documentation drafted by Rich Jordan

         Step 16, Verification of Clearinghouse Download (USFS)

2) WRIA Integration Status Sheet is attached. It outlines the progress being made on the hydro integration project in western WA. The solid color means no processing is needed and are ready for the Clearinghouse. The light hatch indicates that very little or no processing may be needed but a visual check will be made to confirm this.

3) A web page for Western WA Hydro Integration is being developed and the status sheet and documentation will be located at the future site. The web address will be forwarded to the group when its completed.


4) A data submittal schedule was forwarded to USFS. It requests the delivery of 1 to 2 HUC's per week in order to stay on schedule.


5) All the DNR Hydro data was delivered to Ecology on Aug. 17th.


6) Dan Saul completed WRIA 9 and it was sent to WDFW for QA/QC on Aug. 24th. Dan is also tackling an addition multiple HUC WRIA in August to ensure the integration documentation is in order and ready for production.


7) Joy consulted with OFM about the options available for funding the Clearinghouse's on-going maintenance and support. Based on timing it was recommended that we pursue an MOU. This was discussed at the last SWIMTAC meeting and it was agreed that all member agencies would be listed on the MOU and 2 contributing levels would be set up. It will be submitted for review in September.



1 - Martin needs to get Dan Saul a copy of the QA/QC write-up

2 - Carl needs to get Dan Saul a copy of the "Minimum Clearinghouse QA/QC Attribution" document.

3 - Joy needs to draft the future funding MOU between the WA State Agencies and BLM