Hydro Data Integration Meeting Minutes – Technical Session

Date:                June 15, 20042:00 to 3:00 PM

Participants:      Carl Harris, DNR; Dan Saul, Ecology; Rick Jordan, USFS;

Martin Hudson, WDFW; Joy Paulus, SWIM


Topics:             Review of WRIA 5 integration work

                        Discussion of the remain technical issues

Agreement & buyoff on the technical direction

                        Assignment of remaining work: data cleanup, data posting & QA/QC

Next Steps


Carl raised some technical issues with the first walk through of the WRIA 5 integration work that was completed on WRIA 5 in May 2004.  These included:  line work, event tables, sections and missing GNIS #’s.


  1. Issue: Processing watercourse and water body data by two different individuals resulted in some inconsistencies in the data.  It showed up when water body centerlines/streams flowed outside the channel.

Solution:  One person needs to process the watercourse and water body data sets in order to keep the data aligned.  Will be corrected.


  1. Issue:  Talked about how SDE to Coverage causes vertices to become a node

Solution:  This is not an issue since it was identified and fixed in SDE a long time ago.


  1. Issue:  Multiple correct names appeared present on the same stream segment.

Solution: This is fixed by using the Dissolve Event2 AML.  This issue was identified and fixed two years.


  1. Issue:  Talked about how events become sections and that every section becomes an ARC coordinate following conversion from SDE to Coverage model.  This is caused when the coordinate is moved a little bit so you need to run a clean with a small tolerance.

Solution:  Review of processing tolerances is needed and can be fixed by running a clean with a small tolerance.  Will be corrected.


  1. Issue:  the USFS data is missing the GNIS # attribute.  It was asked if this attribute was used by anyone for processing or business usage and if it was critical. This is not a mandatory attribute -- as agreed upon and stated in the Hydro Data Dictionary                 

Solution:  USFS will populate the attribute once data is loaded into the Hydro Clearinghouse.


Outcome: All meeting participants agreed that we’re ready to move forward with the Western Washington Integration Project and that all technical issues were resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.



·        Dan Saul, Ecology - WRIA 5 data edits (see # 1 & 4) will be corrected, this should take 4 hours and will be completed by 8/9/04

·        Rick Jordan, USFS – WRIA 5 data loading will test the new Clearinghouse servers and should take place sometime during the week of July 12, 2004

·        Martin Hudson, WDFW - QA/QC checks on WRIA 5 data will be run after the data is downloading off the Clearinghouse and running his checks on the data.


Next Steps:


·        Joy will finalized the Hydro Data Integration Project plan and will distribute it to the various participants for comment and buy-off.  Then signatures will be gathered.  Projected start date is July 26, 2004

·        Joy will also continue to garner funding to see the completion of Western WA Integration.