Western Washington Hydrography Integration Issues Identified
Initially Found During WRIA 5 Intergration  
1 Processing watercourse and water body data by two different individuals resulted in some inconsistencies in the data.  It showed up when water body centerlines/streams flowed outside the channel DNR Closed One person needs to process the watercourse and water body data sets in order to keep the data aligned.  Will be corrected
2 SDE to Coverage causes vertices to become a node DNR Closed This is not an issue since it was identified and fixed in SDE a long time ago.
3 Multiple correct names appeared present on the same stream segment (evnet table not dissoved properly). Events become sections and that every section becomes an ARC coordinate following conversion from SDE to Coverage model.  This is caused when the coordinate is moved a little bit so you need to run a clean with a small tolerance. DNR Closed This is fixed by using the Dissolve Event2 AML.  This issue was identified and fixed two years
4 USFS data is missing the GNIS # attribute.  It was asked if this attribute was used by anyone for processing or business usage and if it was critical. This is not a mandatory attribute -- as agreed upon and stated in the Hydro Data Dictionary DNR Open USFS will populate the attribute once data is loaded into the Hydro Clearinghouse
Issues Found During Western Washington Hydro Data Integration  
5 9999 Measures not consistently used on USFS streams ECY Open The use of a 9999 measure for events that should always go to the end of the stream has not been resolved.  A consistent protocol for using the 9999 measure should be developed.
6 GNIS_NM field for names that are not validated - the same names assinged to multiple & different LL-ID numbered streams (see PKG-30.pdf).  (Same as # 5) ECY Open This will be need to be cleaned up once the data is posted to the clearinghouse by the USFS.  Do a frequency on LLID & GNIS_name to see extent.
7 GNIS_# isn't populated on federal lands WDFW Open This will be populated once the data is posted to the clearinghouse by the USFS
8 Inconsistent density and classification in similar adjacent land types Open Produced due to cartographic & hydrologic interpretation and judgement
9 WC Periodicity coding inside waterbodies USFS Open No periodicity protocol for assinging lines that flow throught waterbodies. Example: what's assigned to streams that flow through an intermittent pond?  Needs to be foled into Clearinghouse Processing Rules.
10 The use of 999 code for unknown in require attributes USFS Open Need to determine if 999 values used en masse are acceptable on required attributes.
11 LLID's on Federals lands not matching the 100K LLID's ECY Closed Conflation and the setting of LLID's needs to be checked.  Needs to be a QA/QC routine
12 Errors in the 100K ???? ? Closed Not updating the 100K data at this time
Additional Issues Found During Western Washington Hydro Data Integration (Posted 2/10/05)  
13 USFS stream centerlines differ from WaDNR on double-bank streams and appear to artificially snap to stream shoreline where tributary streams enter. ECY Open Look at snapping tolerances being used
14 For partial stream USFS measures are starting at zero thus requiring full stream re-measurement ECY Open Syncing of main-stem measures with WaDNR measure values would speed the processing data processing.
15 Extensive re-measure processing times are occurring, in some cases 600 measure errors found. ECY Open USFS to verify measures as part of the pre-integration QA procedures could eliminate some of the extensive re-measure processing times that occur. This will be critical for the Columbia-River basins.
16 Streams falling on non-federal lands within integration area are missing extensive amounts of event data.   ECY Open On non-forested lands Integrate the line and event data from WaDNR prior to submittal for data integration
17 Reconcile LLID's on partial midstream segments to WaDNR data ECY Open Verify LLID's before integration
18 In the MBS NF good linework is being replaced with less accurate and mis-coded linework.  In some cases, photointerp linework is being lost. ECY Open USFS & DNR should critique the line work before integration starts.