Western WA Hydro Integration Project – Project Closure

April 19, 2005

10:00 - Noon

WA Department of Ecology, Room R3A-19

Meeting Minutes

 Pre-integration data QA/QC streamlining (new identified item) - It was a later recommendation that all the issues and identified solutions should be all placed in a single QA/QC procedures that


Update on Lesson’s Learned Project Meeting

·         Summary from 2/15 Meeting & Handout – Provide a step through review of the Lesson’s Learned meeting (meeting minutes can be found at Ecology web site see link above). Provided a handout that listed the issues that were identified during the project and the agreed upon resolution.  There were a number of comments/ questions noted:

1.      Need to look into the Route/Arc start point at the mouth of the Columbia River.  There is a legal compact between OR/WA on where this point is.  Dick will send information on this

2.      Dick reported that Martin found multiple LLID’s in certain WRIA’s – This is going to be verified and a report from Martin will be sent to the technical group for review and comment.  The question of one LLID to one stream name was raised as well.  The rules will be checked again to verify allowance for this – look to the 100K assessments.

3.      Dick asked if there were 100K Streams missing from the 24K Hydro?  Rick indicated that in some place portions have been removed because they were wrong especially in the headwaters.  Agreement that errors should not be perpetuated and that a list of what’s been retired might be helpful. NOTE: the data model does track line work, via the attributes, that’s been deleted.

4.      How many hits/downloads are happening on the Clearinghouse now.  We’ll need to follow up with Dan Wickwire.

















Agency Plans for Moving Toward PNW Hydro Framework Data

·         Discuss plan to test the operational update model in Western WA – Joy raised the idea of doing an operational test of the check-out, update and loading of Clearinghouse data in a small basin in order to test the whole process and stewardship roles.  We’ll look for opportunities.  It was also mentioned that it would be good to look at procuring funding to fix stream name attribute data. 

·         Water Quality Assessments (303d) – Stephen Bernath talked about their reassessment of the 303d segment structure they’re using.  Items touched on include:

o        Interested in looking at the potential of tying into the LLID measures;

o        Would like to see a complete statewide hydro layer available by Sept. so they could meet the federal schedule of July for delivery of next years 303d listing;

o        Will need a cross to NHD in order to meet EPA’s need;

o        Most water quality listings are below federal boundaries but eastern WA does have a few example of where they are in the headwaters;

o        Would like to see DNR embrace the Hydro Framework (HF) model as their operational layer;

o        Looking at establishing HF as the agency standard to be used (LL-ID) but it does have it’s limitations in marine waters so that’s why they are using their grid system.

Q: Is the geometry from the Western WA Integration project going into NHD?  Yes, Rick confirmed this.




General Comment:  We need dedicated resources and a lead for doing this work and we need to address this.



Reconvene Hydro Framework Group



Funding of the Operational Maintenance of the PNW Clearinghouse (detailed in 7/29/04 minutes   


A copy of the BLM agreement was handed out to the steering committee.  The funding breakdown was accepted by the steering committee.  IAC will handle the primary service agreement with BLM and individual service agreements to each of the listed agencies will be sent out.  This will be done in the next two week.



Closeout Western WA Project  - All expected deliverables met?

A copy of the project deliverables was handed out and we stepped through the six bullets.  It was agreed that with the exception of WRIA’s 28 & 29 that were sent to BLM for further integration, that the project deliverable had been met.  The project was completed on time and under budget.



Update on NHD and PNW Hydro Clearinghouse Activities

Dan Wickwire provided a brief update on NHD and FW activities:



Project Planning for Eastern WA Data Integration    


Joy will begin drafting the Eastern WA Hydro Integration Project documentation and will begin coordinating the WRIA/HUC processing order as it relates to the Columbia & Snake Rivers.


She’ll send the list to Rick for his review.


Joy will contact the previous funding partner to see what their level of contributions might be.

The Eastern WA project will start sometime after July 1, 2005