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Reducing Toxic Threats

Managing toxics and assisting businesses

Businesses shoulder an important responsibility for protecting the environment and natural resources for their own good as well as that of society. Managing toxics benefits industry by lowering a company's operational and environmental compliance costs. Companies that safely handle the chemicals they use now keep money in their pockets in the future by avoiding long-term liabilities and clean-up costs.

Technical Assistance and Guidance

Pollution Prevention Plans - Assistance is available to help businesses prepare plans for voluntarily reducing hazardous substance use and hazardous waste generation.

Technical Resources for Engineering Efficiency (TREE) - Free, technical assistance for businesses, to help you save money and reduce waste

Lean and Environment - Lean manufacturing techniques improve competitiveness by identifying and eliminating wastes and non-value-added activities.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing - Environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP), also known as green or responsible purchasing, is the procurement of goods and services that cause less harm to humans and the environment than competing goods and services that serve the same purpose.

Green Building - information about the practice of creating buildings which are better for our health, environment, and economy.

Managing Dangerous Waste and Cleanups

Requirements for Managing Dangerous Waste - If you generate a hazardous waste, your company must manage these wastes according to State dangerous waste regulations.

Small Quantity Generators – Regulatory requirements for small quantity generators under the Dangerous Waste regulations.

Cleanup Guide for Contaminated Sites - Guide for small businesses and homeowners who have discovered or suspect contamination from toxic wastes on their property.

Voluntary Cleanup Program - Independently perform a site cleanup with assistance services available from Ecology.

Preparing For Floods - Plan ahead to reduce the risk of hazardous materials contaminating flood waters.

Urban Waters Initiative - A program to focus on the special environmental challenges faced by urban water bodies. The Urban Waters Initiative works to find and control pollution sources to prevent contamination or re-contamination of waterways.


Environmental Permit Assistance (ORA) - Free assistance to help you determine what permits you neet and how to get them.

Stormwater permits and assistance - Information on construction, industrial, and municipal stormwater permits.

By business sector

Manage Waste by Business Type - Industry-specific information on managing dangerous wastes.

Pollution Prevention by Business Type - Information on how to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances in specific sectors.