Metal Finishing

Potential Savings

The TREE Team has identified opportunities for metal finishers to annually eliminate:
-- $380,000 expenses
-- 12,500,000 gallons of water used
-- 99,000 pounds of chemicals used
-- 188,000 pounds of hazardous waste generated


"Using the TREE report, we redesigned and reconfigured our entire anodize building and operations with the specific goal of reducing resource utilization. The visibility of the TREE team during their visits and the resulting efficiencies of the finishing processes have motivated the operators of the facility to consider each action with an eye for resource conservation."

Charlie Harris, Chief Executive Officer
Skills, Inc. - October 2001

Common Issues

These are issues that the TREE Team has seen at multiple companies. The team can help you identify and correct these issues along with others, specific to your site.
  • Reduce dragout. Using racking technique, hang time, drain boards, drag-out recovery, and withdrawal technique to promote dragout reduction.
  • Improve rinsing efficiency. Regulate the flow of clean water, install countercurrent tanks, use spray rinses, and agitate tanks.
  • Bath Maintenance. Use DI water, filter or skim oil off your tanks daily, and remove excess oil from parts before placing them into the cleaner.
  • Waste Management. Segregate waste streams before treatment to allow for chemical recycling.
  • Alternative chemicals. Replace chemicals with less harmful alternatives
  • BMPs. Use Best Management Practices like good employee training, sump management, and keeping logs.
  • Reduce energy use. Insulate tanks, reduce temperatures of unused tanks, and use more effient rectifiers.

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