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Potential Savings

The TREE Team has identified opportunities for manufacturers to annually eliminate:
-- $773,000 expenses
-- 27,700,000 gallons of water used
-- 100 tons of solid waste
-- 198,700 pounds of hazardous waste generated


"It is an excellent way to learn new ideas and have the information and resources made known to a business on how to do things better. The team is another set of eyes to look at our processes. Sometimes those of us who work at a business cannot, “see the forest for the TREE’s” (pun intended!) because we live at the job every day. It was excellent to have the feedback. It confirmed that we do an excellent job on almost everything but we do have room to be creative in a couple of other areas."

Yvonne Cox, HR/HSE Manager
Saint Gobain Crystals & Detectors - February 2002

Common Issues

These are issues that the TREE Team has seen at multiple companies. The team can help you identify and correct these issues along with others, specific to your site.
  • Monitor utility bills. Be aware of normal use and address any anomalies. Use this data to set goals and select projects.
  • Water / material balance. Understand what parts of your process consume materials. Discrepancies that may result from inefficiencies or leaks.
  • Inventory materials used. Monitor all materials brought into the company. Develop an approved products list, selecting only the chemicals with the least toxicity and least hazardous for this list.
  • Explore new options. Technology innovations and chemical alternatives may be available to improve the efficiency of your process.
  • Reduce regulatory oversight. Change processes to eliminate the need for expensive permits and the burdon of additional paperwork.

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