Water Use

Potential Savings

The TREE Team has identified 226,670,000 gallons ($80,000) in water use reduction, annually. This does not even account for the treatment and discharge of the water.


TREE "listened to our concerns, understood our processes and made recommendations that can be implemented in a timely manner to reduce waste water loadings and water usage."

Tom Foster, Plant Manager
Twin City Foods, Ellensburg - December 2005

Common Issues

These are issues that the TREE Team has seen at multiple companies. The team can help you identify and correct these issues along with others, specific to your site.
  • Inventory your water use. Read and record your master meter at the beginning of each shift for a week to begin to understand basic use patterns.
  • Check the amount of water used for cleaning. Particularly for food processors, it is often greater than expected.
  • Change sequential baths to counter current flow. Using the dirtiest water at the beginning of a series of baths or rinses and the cleanest water at the end matches the quality of the water to the need and can reduce water use significantly.
  • Change any single pass water use to recycled water. Cooling towers and compressors are common single pass pieces of equipment. See TREE's quick tips for cooling towers.

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