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Hazardous Waste

Potential Savings

The TREE Team has identified opportunities to annually reduce 238,000 pounds of hazardous waste ($21,000).


"I found the entire TREE team to be very courteous, professional and of incredible value to my firm. They helped show us ways to possibly save money, while at the same time reducing the amount of hazardous waste we create."

Eric Hampton, General Manager
Rainer Ballistics - December 1999

Common Issues

These are issues that the TREE Team has seen at multiple companies. The team can help you identify and correct these issues along with others, specific to your site.
  • Switch to less hazardous products or raw materials.
  • Perform a mass balance, starting with the most used, most toxic, and/or most expensive materials. This will help you identify places for improvement.
  • Segregate waste streams to improve opportunities for reuse/recycling. Regularly look for companies who could use your waste as a product.
  • Establish a centralized purchasing program.
  • Improve inventory control and housekeeping.
  • Eliminate leaks on equipment, pumps, valves and pipes.
  • Decrease cleaning by planning the production schedule, dedicating process equipment, and cleaning equipment as soon as possible.

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