Wastewater Reduction

Potential Savings

The TREE Team has identified opportunities to annually reduce 112 million gallons of wastewater ($423,000).


"The comprehensive look at the facility operations and all the waste generation locations has provided additional information to assist in our sustainability program." TREE's work provided "additional guidance from knowledgeable people who's business is in the area of waste treatment and improvements from a regulatory and practical point of view."

Jeff Green, Plant Superintendent
Nature's Path Foods - November 2004

Common Issues

These are issues that the TREE Team has seen at multiple companies. The team can help you identify and correct these issues along with others, specific to your site.
  • Install a wastewater meter, if the city allows it. Typically industries discharge less water than they purchase, but are billed based on the incoming water meter.
  • Develop a water and wastewater "flow" balance. This will help you target areas for water reuse and/or reduction.
  • Review your water and sewer bills. Ensure that the water use and sewer discharge agree and that the rate charged is correct.
  • Use high pressure, low flow, automatic nozzles. This will reduce water use and sewer discharge.
  • Perform an initial dry cleanup prior to using water Decreasing solids in the drain will reduce water use and wastewater loading. Establish a Standard Operating Procedure for clean up.

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