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Quotes from Previous Clients

"I was very impressed with the Department of Ecology staff. They were engaging and sincere in their desire to help us determine both the root causes and potential solutions to our waste issues."

Jyoti Stephens, Sustainability & Stewardship Manager
Nature's Path Foods - January 2009

"We at Inland Empire Plating and Middco Tool and Equipment appreciate an opportunity to have such knowledgeable professionals to assist us."

Norm Warner
Inland Empire Plating - October 2007

"We appreciate the assistance and will probably request help in solving other issues."

Mike Henry, General Manager
Jeld Wen - November 2006

"This is an excellent program. If more of these programs were developed, given time they would help bridge the gap between government agencies and private industry."

Bob Schroeder, Food Safety Director
Price Cold Storage & Packing - September 2005

"I want to convey appreciation for the expertise your TREE Team recently provided our company. Their analyses and recommendations serve to not only aid Brown & Haley, the City of Tacoma and the State of Washington, but enrich our environment as well."

Pierson E. Clair, President & CEO
Brown & Haley - June 2005

"I believe their presence made us look closer at areas we have overlooked."

Scott Kriesel, EHS Coordinator
Ball Corporation - November 2004

"The detailed analysis that included cost savings associated with each opportunity was thorough and extremely helpful…Its rare to see a program such as this that is provided without cost to companies in Washington State which takes the approach of recommending cost savings instead of regulatory requirements."

Gary Millen, Director of Operations
SNBL USA, Ltd. - March 2004

"We have been provided with a roadmap of solutions to our storm water issues. We would definitely recommend TREE to other companies."

Jeff Kahn, Customer Service Manager
Chemco - January 2004

"TREE assistance was a benefit by verifying and improving our actions regarding conservation. We would recommend TREE to other companies."

Ray Crockett, Plant Manager
Salmolux, Inc. - November 2003

"All of their (TREE’s) efforts were very useful… We were able to get an evaluation of our resources that would not have taken place without the TREE Team. This has allowed us to set goals for waste minimization and cost reduction."

Greg Mihalik, Operations Manager
Shell Solar Industries LP - July 2003

"This talented group of engineers would be a valuable asset to any organization striving for continuous improvement. I would highly encourage any company to use this resource. We are very appreciative that the team was available through the Department of Ecology as a technical resource."

Scott Landrigan, Operations Manager
Encompass Materials Group, Ltd. - November 2002

"TREE definitely pointed out areas by helping us quantify them. TREE was absolutely worth our time!!"

Tom Brooke, Plant Manager
Welch's - July 2001

"This was a very successful project!"

Don Wilson, Basin's Plant Manager
Basin Frozen Foods (French Fry Line) - March 2001

The TREE team is "helpful and pleasant to work with... they did their home work before they came."

Kevin Richardson, Plating Manager
Prototron Circuits - October 1999

"I give the TREE team as high a recommendation as I can. I’m glad they came down and gave us a hand."

Rich Tolman, Plant Manager
Basin Frozen Foods (Hash Brown Line) - June 1999

"It’s a win-win approach! With our limited resources, we were able to achieve remarkable success with TREE. Working with the TREE team is a real education, you can see where opportunities are and how simple techniques can reduce waste and save money."

Bob James, General Manager
Industrial Plating - September 1998

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