Service Focus on Technical Assistance, NOT Enforcement

Save Money -- Reduce Waste

  • Reduce the cost of water, energy, hazardous and solid waste disposal, and waste treatment
  • Incorporate less wasteful methods into your operations to eliminate costly and hazardous by-products
  • Save natural resources
  • Increase your competitive edge
  • Reduce complex regulatory overhead
  • Lessen liability of current or future public environmental concerns
  • Increase worker's safety and satisfaction
  • Improve public relations with your community


  • As technical assistance officers, TREE team members do not have enforcement authority when visiting facilities and making recommendations.  RCW 70.95C.040
  • The business chooses what opportunities they implement.


  • The team can work with a business with an agreement not to disclose confidential information to the public. RCW 43.21A.160


  • You do not pay any money for our team of engineers and specialists to come visit your facility, and research opportunities that will benefit you.
  • The team identifies opportunities that reduce environmental impact, while also meeting the company's financial payback requirements.

Engineering Expertise in the Reduction of:

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